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Brewing Guide

Brewing Instructions: Use filter according to method.

  • Use between 7 and 12 grams of coffee per 180 ml cup.
  • Store in a dry and fresh place.


  • For drip and pour over coffee use a steel mesh filter instead of a paper filter.
  • We do not recommend a cold brew for infused coffee.

French Press

  • Add 4 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee to the french press.
  • Pour 3 cups of hot water over the grounds and stir.


  • In a 12-cup drip coffee machine, add 12-15 tablespoons of medium coarse ground coffee to the filter basket.
  • Fill the brewer to the 12-cup mark and run the brew cycle.

Pour Over 

Add 1/2 tablespoon (20g) of medium coarse coffee to the filter.